My FALL To Do List 2012

FALL To Do List 2012
Hi, fashionistas!
I like making To Do Lists, because it helps me be on track. I thought I would share mine with all of you to give you guys some ideas! Here it is: 
  • Make beauty videos
  • Go to fashion events
  • Shop on a budget
  • Go to resale shops and find good deals on awesome items
  • Update my blog, of course 🙂
  • Help out fashionistas
  • Video tape runway shows
  • Get all A’s in school (of course)
  • Be creative
  • Paint 
  • Write more poetry and short stories
  • Be the best person I can be
That was my To Do List as of today! Thank you guys for reading! I love all of you! In the comments below, name three things off your Fall To Do List (if you have one)! I’m looking forward to reading them! Until my next post, fashionistas. 


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