Cute Back To School Outfit!

Hi, fashionistas!

Don’t you just love picking out what you’re going to wear on your first day of school? Although this is a very exciting time, picking out an outfit for something this highly anticipated┬ácan be a little frustrating. Tracing your hands on your fabulous clothes only to feel lost? If this happens to you, like it does to me, I’ve got just the thing to calm your nerves! For this post, I’ve put together an amazing and super-girly outfit that’s sure to give you some double-takes as you strut through the halls!

Here’s the outfit I created using Polyvore (you can shop from it!):

Cute Back To School Outfit!

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Hi, fashionistas!

Hallways tend to be pretty boring with the plain walls and all, so add some umph by wearing graphic tops and pants! Who knows, you may even spark a new trend at your school!  Be that trendsetter. I know you are, fashionista!

Get Graphic! - Tee's
Get Graphic! - Pants

Get Graphic! – Pants by theteenrunway11 featuring highwaist pants

You can wear a pair of pants with a geometric design or maybe a top with a cool lion head against a black background. Both of them are edgy, yet both are unique.

Well, that’s all for this post, fashionistas! Until my next one! Thank you for reading, and I love you guys so much!