My Holiday Wish List 2015!

Hi, fashionistas!

Today, I’m sharing my holiday wish list with you! These gift ideas are perfect for the eclectic, unique girl whose style is unmatched! Although the holidays are approaching quickly, there is still a little time to buy these fabulous presents. Whether fashion or beauty, I’ve got you covered.

Here are my top picks for gifts this holiday season (you can shop from it):

My Holiday Wish List 2015

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My Fall & Winter Wish List 2015!

Hi, fashionistas!

Today, I’m showing you my wish list for fall and winter 2015! Since this fall is very special to me (it’s my first year of college), my wish list is full of cool, ultra-stylish items! I like making seasonal wish lists, because it gives me inspiration for outfits!

Here are some of the items that I’m loving this fall (you can shop from it):

Fall/Winter 2015 Wish List!

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Chunky Heels: The New Stiletto!

Hi, fashionistas!

Have you ever had the sensation of loving a pair of shoes, but they just sit in your closet because it’s too hard to walk in them? I sure have, and that’s why I’m really happy that chunky heels are the new stiletto! Of course, stilettos are still wildly popular and chic, but, most days, I think that chunky heels take the cake!

Here are some of my top picks:

Fall 2015 Chunky Heels

Fall 2015 Chunky Heels by theteenrunway11 featuring peep toe booties

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Transitioning into Spring!

Hi, fashionistas!

Transitioning from winter to spring can be a challenge, but I’ve created a fun outfit that’s colorful and patterned, while still being warm enough for those chilly days!

Here’s the look I created on Polyvore:

See how easy and fun it can be to transition your wardrobe into spring? I just know you’ll knock them out with your fabulous outfits! Have fun styling!
Until my next post, fashionistas! Thank you for reading my post! As always, I love my lovely readers!

One Direction Makeup REVIEW!

Hi, fashionistas!

Happy New Year! I’m sure this year will bring you happiness, excitement, and, of course, fashion! Here’s my review of the One Direction Makeup kits!

Isn’t the music from One Direction awesome? I love it! Now, the group has gotten even better, if that’s even possible! The geniuses behind the infamous UK boy band has brought to us One Direction Makeup! I was so excited to try it out! Here are the pictures of the look I created using One Direction Makeup and the review of the products:
















OTHER DETAILS: Mascara: Lancome “Definicils”, Foundation: Clinique, Powder: Lancome, Blush: Lancome, Finishing Powder: MAKE UP FOR EVER, Brow gel: Anastasia Beverly Hills

I’m loving these products! They’re very pigmented, so you’ll get just the right amount of color for your look! The eyeshadows are beautiful and stay on really well, and the lip products are fantastic for day or night!

For my eye look, I used the pink eyeshadow for a base and the purple eyeshadow for the upper and lower liner. Since I used eyeshadow instead of the eyeliner, I wet my slanted liner brush, and dipped it into the eyeshadow square. Then I just glided it on to make a cat-eye shape!

For the lips, I chose to create a simple lip that wouldn’t clash with the dramatic eye makeup. First, I put on a pretty, pearly pink shade and then glazed on a shiny, clear top coat. The kits come with very versatile colors, so you will have options no matter what the style!

I think this look is edgy, dramatic, and cool! I’d wear this to a concert or an evening event, paired with a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and combat boots!

Until my next post, fashionistas! I hope you try these products! I love my lovely readers!




Valentine’s Day Tips!

Hi, fashionistas!

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you know what that means! There’ll be hearts, flowers, and too many chick flicks to count! I can’t wait!

Let’s talk fashion! Flirty dresses and cute heels are a traditional must-have for this special occasion. Also, to create an even more romantic feel, choose a dress in a white or light-colored shade (think pink, lavender, or blue). If you don’t want to go the traditional route and want to opt for a fresh spin, I recommend polkadots or a fun pattern.

Don’t forget about shoes! Heels are a staple for Valentine’s Day! For a girly feel, try a pair of stilettos in a pretty shade. For a tougher/edgier vibe, choose a pair of thick-heeled shoes or a pair of heeled ankle boots. Shoes are important!

Now, for purses! A small purse would be so cute! I would choose a mini satchel, because a clutch won’t hold a lot and you have to carry it in your hands the whole time. I don’t want to be thinking about that when I’m on a date, right?

Here are my Valentine’s Day fashion must-haves (via Polyvore):

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you liked it! Love you guys! Until my next post, fashionistas!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Need a new dress FOR LESS?

Hi, fashionistas!

Summer is finally here! Yeah! You don’t know how long I’ve waited for summer! Do you know what a new season means? New trends and clothes!

Vacations are just around the corner, so to complete that exciting event, a new fab dress is needed! Sure, shorts and skirts are still great for traveling (obviously), but every girl on the go needs a cool dress for her night out!

Some dresses can be expensive, so it’s always a good thing to get a coupon code. Online shopping is awesome, because there’s more options to choose from! Romwe is a great online shop to buy a well-made, cool dress! You really can’t go wrong with one their garments. From studs to sparkles, simple to flair, they’ve got it!

WIth that said, there’s a great coupon to save you some bucks on a dress from Romwe! It’s not just a small percentage off, too. It’s 30% off! How much better can it get?!

Click on the picture below to go to the sale and have at it!

Thank you for reading this post! You guys mean so much to me I can’t even describe it! Until my next post, fashionistas!



Outlet Stores: How to Score Big!

Hi, fashionistas!

As a girl who goes to outlet stores, I’ve learned a lot! I’ve created a list of ways to get what you’re looking for and not overspend:

  1. Know what type of item you’re looking for! Trust me, you don’t want to be in a big store full of fabulous items without any idea of what to buy. You’ll probably end up buying way more than you should have (most of which you might not even need). Your wallet will thank you!
  2. Look at everything in the store! Years ago, when I was a beginner, I would look at just a few things, and then make my choices. That’s not good, because there may be something you would like more without even noticing it! It’s hard not to be stuck on a specific item, but there’s always other options. Take your time!
  3. Pick up the items you are most likely to buy, and keep them in your arms! Don’t put them back on the rack and expect to find them later. This is especially useful and extremely important at a clearance event! Girls can go crazy sometimes!
  4. Stay within your budget as much as possible and use cash! If you go in with $20, don’t spend $40. The only times when this is acceptable is when the item costs more than you thought, needed to be better quality, or you can’t live without it! The bottom line is, would you pay full price for it if you had the money? If not, don’t buy it.
  5. Take the term “I can’t live without it” lightly! If it’s not a need, you can live without it. That’s what I tell myself every time I walk into a store! I almost always see something I “can’t live without”, but I actually can. It’s a hard thing to do if your fashion and beauty obsessed, but you’ll be fine!
  6. Lastly, if there’s going to be an awesome clearance event at a particular store that you love, be prepared! In a nutshell, that means get up early, research the products’ retail prices, and, if possible, bring a friend or family member who will help you find those scores!

It’s as easy as that! I know it might seem a little scary, because of some “horror” stories about people getting trampled at sale events or fighting over that special find. But, it’s fun! I’ve found a lot of big scores in my life, and I did it by using these tips & tricks! Even if I don’t buy much or I just go with a friend, I get a kick out of seeing the sales price vs the retail price! It’s addictive!

So remember these tips, and, don’t forget, have fun!

I love you guys! You mean so much to me! Until my next post, fashionistas!




Hi, fashionistas!

I’m so excited to say that PROM is coming up! How exciting is that? Even if you aren’t going to Prom (like me), it’s always fun to fantasize what your dress would look like, what shoes you would wear, and what jewelry would be so chic! I always pictured my outfit to be a show-stopper (aka wowing everyone there)! I can’t wait until my first Prom!

Ok, now time to get down to business. Let’s talk price. This dress is only $36! Yes, I said $36! Score! The earrings are a steal, too! They are priced at $15! Now for the expensive part. I think shoes and clutches should be more expensive than jewelry or dresses, because you can reuse them multiple times with different outfits! Another tip is to get semi-classic shapes and details so you can wear them even more! The heels are $135, and the clutch is $398. I know, I know. This clutch is super pricy, but imagine the future possibilities! If you want to opt for a lower priced clutch similar to the one pictured below, click here!

Here’s the outfit I created on Polyvore (you can shop from this photo):

Prom Outfit 2013 and Hair!
I also put a picture of a celeb wearing a beautiful hair style. I think it gives this look another formal and party-ready touch!
Thank you for reading, fashionistas! I love you guys! Until my next post! 🙂

PASTELS…in beauty! beauty!

Hi, fashionistas!

I’m so inspired by everything spring this year (since winter is almost over), but I would have to say pastel colors are my favorite! It’s kind of like Easter all around you, but better. I was totally obsessed with pastels last spring, but this spring I’m completely sold on this magical idea!
Nail polish is a great way to embed some pastel hues into your look without having your whole look be this same style! There are so many beautiful pastel shades of polishes out on the market! I created an interactive photo on Polyvore of nail polish color ideas! Here it is:
Pastel Nail Polishes 2013
I picked an array of different brands to choose from, so there are endless possibilities. You can even make a pastel-colored nail design by combining some of these polishes!
Eyeshadow is a great way to incorporate pastels into your makeup look! If you like a more subtile look then I would choose a light pink shade such as pale pink or peach. Personally, I love wearing pink eyeshadow! I especially like wearing the light pink ones, because I’m not too big on the bright shadows on me. Here’s another interactive photo of my picks for pastel eyeshadows:
Pastel Eyeshadows 2013

Pastel Eyeshadows 2013 by theteenrunway11 featuring nyx eye-shadow

Now for lips! Lip colors can look different on everyone, so keep that in mind when choosing your pastel lip shade. Sometimes, the color can be too pale or too dramatic for certain faces. Ok, now that we know that, let’s get started with the cute pastel lip colors! Pastel lip shades are so cute and fun! Nude is classy, pale pink is so cute, peach is fun, and purple is shockingly cool! I don’t suggest most shades like blue or green. That might look weird and awkward, but if you want to go for it, then by all means go for it, girl!
Here’s my interactive photo of pastel lip products:
Pastel Lip Colors 2013

Pastel Lip Colors 2013 by theteenrunway11 featuring nars cosmetics

Thank you for reading, fashionistas! I love my lovely readers! You guys make my smile everyday! 🙂