Summer’s Hottest Shorts!

Hi, fashionistas!

In the summer, I love wearing shorts! Who doesn’t? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of skirts and dresses, but it’s always great to wear a pair of awesome shorts! I’ve created a few Polyvore interactive photos (you can shop from them!) of my favorite summer shorts for 2013!

Here are this summer’s hottest shorts styles:

1. Boho!

Bohemian Shorts

Bohemian Shorts by theteenrunway11 featuring studded shorts

2. Edgy!

Edgy Shorts
3. Girly!
Girly Shorts
Those trends are so cool and popular! With these shorts, you’ll be strutting your way through the crowd in no time! So fab!
Until my next post, fashionistas! I love my lovely readers!

TOP 4 TRENDS OF SUMMER 2012! (Guest post on

The guest post:

Hi, fashionistas!

This season has been an amazing one so far! I’m in love with every single trend. They are so fashion forward and sometimes even vintage. In this post, I’m going to talk about the four biggest trends for teens this summer!

Number one: Short shorts are so in right now! They are really cute and flirty (and, on the plus side, they keep you cool). Love them! This is my model, Valerie, wearing her favorite pair of short shorts:

Number two: This one is a big one! Bikinis are in like always. I really like them because they show skin, but not too much of it! Bikinis are flirty, and have a cute vibe to them. Love them! Here is my model Ashley wearing her favorite bikini:

Number three: Patterned skirts are a big hit this summer! They are really cool and chic! Some have a little bit going on, and some have a large amount of pattern. I like both styles. So cute! Here am I wearing my favorite patterned skirt (which happens to be a body-con skirt):

Number four: Neon pink purses are so fashionable this summer! These purses add the right pop of color to your outfit! It’s fun to make let your accessories be the focal point. This is my neon pink purse:

I had a lot of fun writing this post as always. I hope you liked it!

Until my next post, fashionistas! I love all my readers! You mean the world to me.



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