Blush, an amazing, feminine color. 

The color, blush, can go with many things such as pastels. I absolutly LOVE pastels and this color, when I paired them together, I was pleasently supprised! It’s such a girly color that is wearable, too. It could be clothing, shoes, a purse, wallet, ect.

I chose to use the color as a wallet that I bought at my local Coach Outlet Store. It goes with many of my purses which is a HUGE plus for me! It’s such a good break from the typical black colored wallet. I also like it because it doesn’t have the the Coach logo pattern covering the whole thing, only the silver clasp. It also has a little shine to it that makes it fun! So loving it! 

This is a picture of it which I paired with pastels:

If you are wondering, my nail polish is from Revlon in the color Lilac. I bought it at ULTA. 

Have fun pairing the color, blush, fashionistas! 




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