Top Ways Students Save on Trendy and Traditional Halloween Outfits

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Contributed by Alex Bill of ClothingRIC.

Halloween is an event that is observed primarily throughout the western world. It has many eastern variations as well, which makes it a popular global tradition.

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Of course, Halloween costumes remain a big part of this occasion. It was estimated that a staggering $3.4 billion was spent on scary and geeky costumes on Halloween just two years ago.

However, sometimes the cost of these costumes can be a burden on one’s budget. This holds especially true for students who need to survive campus life with the little money they make from part-time jobs.

If you’re a student that is short on cash and is looking to dawn a cool outfit this Halloween, you’re at the right place.

Below I will highlight how students save on Halloween shopping so you may benefit from these time-tested techniques.

Let’s begin.

Halloween Celebrations Around The World

Before we get to the costumes, it’s important to understand how Halloween is celebrated in different cultures.

History links the celebration of Hallows Eve to Ireland, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. However, the United States has painted the modern Halloween picture which involves trick-or-treating, costumes, and parties. Other countries do celebrate Halloween too, however, some of them have different names for the festival.

For example, Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead and the Japanese have the Obon festival in July and August. In the Philippines, folks celebrate an event similar to Halloween called Pangagaluluwa. Italians honor the dead too and celebrate The Souls Day on the first day of November. People in Spain label October 31 The Day Of The Witches which is called The Day Of The Pumpkins in Galicia.

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In Australia though, people don’t celebrate Halloween as enthusiastically as they do in the cities where it is popular. The function has weaved its way into the country thanks to the American pop culture exhibited on Hollywood television.

Regardless of the region, Halloween costumes are a mainstay of this occasion. While people get bloody Mary Halloween costumes or gorilla ones, others display a love of their culture on this holiday.

The Costly Side – How Students Save On Halloween Shopping

Halloween comes with a slew of cost. However, costumes remain the biggest worry for the students.

To help campus dwellers out, I’ve created a list of ways students save on Halloween shopping.

1. Shop early or at the last moment

If you are keen on saving money on Halloween shopping, make sure you purchase your costume either a year prior or a few days before October 31. You see, once the festivities of Hallows Eve are all wrapped up, prices take a trek downward. At this time, you can buy a costume for the next year.

Or when the festival is just the next day, shops give huge discounts to empty their stocks. Shopping for a costume at this time can also help students save on Halloween shopping.

2. Use coupons and promo deals

Students save on Halloween shopping also by making use of any coupons. You can collect 2019 Halloween coupon codes and deals for getting classic Halloween costumes. Through the coupons, you can also purchase material for decorations and any candies for distributing.

You can easily get coupons from websites as well as from the newsletters and social media channels of your favorite outlets. Using coupons while shopping online is especially easy as you only have to make a few clicks. In other words, coupons are a convenient way of saving on Halloween costumes.

3. Go for thrift or consignment stores

For keeping the entire Halloween shopping cheap, you can get what you want at a thrift or consignment store. At such places, the prices are one-third of those that you are charged at outlets or malls.

In fact, you can also check out any garage sales that are running for getting costumes and decorative materials. Many students save on Halloween shopping by purchasing their essentials from there.

4. Try DIY or swapping

If you are short on cash and have a minimal budget, search for DIY ideas for costumes, treats, and decorations online. If you have any sewing or makeup skills these can come in handy at the time of such a festival. If this idea doesn’t work for you, think of any friends whom you can exchange last year’s costumes with.

Key Takeaway

For students, Halloween is the opportunity to display a creative side or pay homage to their favorite pop culture icons. Of course, this becomes extremely difficult when the price tags on Halloween costumes are greater than their month’s income.

Luckily, there are several ways many students save on Halloween shopping in Australia. Taking a page from their book, you can go DIY, buy a year before when the season turns off or just before the big day. You can also use coupons and deals plus try looking for the costumes of your choice at thrift or discount stores.

This post was written by Alex Bill of ClothingRIC, a website with the latest discount and coupon news.

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