Metallic Gold Accessories!

TweetHi, fashionistas! I was looking at magazines and various websites, and found that there’s a big trend going on right now! Gold shoes and accessories! Now, I know what your thinking. How could I wear a shoe or purse that’s…

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My Signature Color? Blue!

TweetHi, fashionistas! I was reading the Independent Fashion Bloggers site today, and they challenged their members to come up with their signature color! I thought long and hard about what my color is and realized that I wear a lot of blue everyday,…

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Glam Makeup and Hair Look!

TweetHi, fashionistas! Summer is the season for sun, fun, and vacays to the beach! Well, that’s usually the case. Summer is also about fashion and glam! So, let’s party! Glam is a fun beauty trend to try anytime of the…

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Interview with Dame and Maiden by Sarah Beale

TweetHi, fashionistas! Today, I’m showing you a special interview with Sarah Beale, fashion designer of Dame & Maiden from Stanford Row! Her clothes are edgy, vintage inspired, and on trend! Introducing, Sarah Beale: Interview: US: Hello Sarah, thanks for agreeing to…

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Need a new dress FOR LESS?

TweetHi, fashionistas! Summer is finally here! Yeah! You don’t know how long I’ve waited for summer! Do you know what a new season means? New trends and clothes! Vacations are just around the corner, so to complete that exciting event,…

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Summer’s Hottest Shorts!

TweetHi, fashionistas! In the summer, I love wearing shorts! Who doesn’t? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of skirts and dresses, but it’s always great to wear a pair of awesome shorts! I’ve created a few photos of…

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Color Me Combat

TweetHi, fashionistas! I’m so excited to say that combat boots are still in! The difference is the color pallets: colorful in, dark out! How cool is that? There’s so many different styles and colors of combat boots this summer, so…

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CURRENTLY LOVING: Simple Summer Makeup!

TweetHi, fashionistas! I’m loving wearing almost no makeup! It’s low maintenance and goes with literally every outfit! Statement outfit or casual, simple beauty looks do the trick! The last thing I want to worry about in summer is my makeup!…

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Outlet Stores: How to Score Big!

TweetHi, fashionistas! As a girl who goes to outlet stores, I’ve learned a lot! I’ve created a list of ways to get what you’re looking for and not overspend: Know what type of item you’re looking for! Trust me, you…

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Insta-beauty! (Instagram photos!)

TweetHi, fashionistas! I have some interesting photos from the oh-so-popular Instagram app to share! I’ve been working on new beauty looks everyday, and I’ve been posting the best ones on Instagram. Here’s the photos I posted:     I hope…

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TweetHi, fashionistas! I’m so excited to say that PROM is coming up! How exciting is that? Even if you aren’t going to Prom (like me), it’s always fun to fantasize what your dress would look like, what shoes you would…

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