TweetHi, fashionistas! Today I’m writing about my perfume collection! I love perfume and wear it a lot! I’ve had some of these for years! They smell really good, and I can’t wait to show them to you guys!   Here is…

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Polka Dot PARTY!

TweetHi, fashionistas! In this post, I’m sharing my picks for polka dots! Polka dots are so cute! They add an instant fun factor to your look! Sometimes polka dots look busy when paired with another print(s), so you should keep the rest…

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Don’t know what to wear?! HOLIDAY!

TweetHi, fashionistas! Don’t know what to wear to a holiday occasion of almost any kind? I created some special photos that are full of interesting and creative ideas! The photos feature many dresses, sweaters, shoes, bags, and much more! They also…

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TweetHi, fashionistas! Here’s my new fashion and beauty video! I’m so excited for you to see it!  It was a lot of fun to make! Thank you so much for watching! 🙂 Products in this video: Bag: Marshall’s Mirror (FREE):…

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TweetHi, fashionistas! I recently got the iPhone 5, and it’s phenomenal! The camera is the best one I’ve ever used, Safari is super fast and much more! Ok, enough about the phone, let’s talk cases! Many cases for the iPhone…

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I have the One Direction infection! Directioner Wear!

TweetHi, fashionistas! So I’ve been loving One Direction for some time now (their music is amazing), and I love the items people are making that are inspired by these five gorgeous boys! That’s really cool! ATTENTION Directioners of the world:…

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Outfit & My Essentials: Traveling

TweetHi, fashionistas! Traveling outfits can be a big fashion faux pas or fashion genius. There’s a lot that goes on while traveling by plane: the security, the countless steps through the airport, and, obviously, the plane ride. I have put…

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My Top Picks: WINTER SKIRTS 2012!

TweetHi, fashionistas! Today, I’m raving about my top picks for the winter skirt edition! This winter is about dark-shaded yet color-bursting colors that are still fun! Also, textures are very important to the mix! Example: An orange skirt that’s a…

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VIDEO: Outfit of the Week 2!

Tweet Thank you all for watching! This video was a ton of fun to make! Brands: Top: American Eagle Skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch Laceless Oxfords: Levity Heels: GB (buy at Dillards) Bow: American Apparel Earrings: American Eagle xx, Lauren

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Trend: Winter White!

TweetHi, fashionistas! The color white is acceptable and oh-so-fashionable for winter now! The actual trend is called Winter White so remember that! 🙂 I love this trend possibly more than some, because it’s fantastic! We can finally wear white after…

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VIDEO: My October BEAUTY Favorites! 2012

Tweet Thank you all for watching, fashionistas! I bought the eyeshadows and powder at a Lancôme outlet store, the primer potion at Nordstrom Rack, the foundation at Ulta, and the Mega Plush (MBNY) and Lash Black Volume (CoverGirl) mascaras at…

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