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Hi, fashionistas!

If you’ve seen any of my Instagram photos then you know one thing, my brows are bushy! They’re not just thick, they’re curly which makes them even more of a hassle. I have looked far and wide for a brow gel that can do the job of a 20 minute brow session with the swipe of my hand. That’s why I leapt at the chance to buy the NEW Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel the second it launched this month! After testing it, I can finally give my thoughts on this product!

Here’s a photo for reference (I’m wearing the shade Soft Brown):

Firstly, I want to discuss color and consistency. Trick: apply this product without a heavy hand, because it is very opaque! In other words, within 10 seconds you can have a Sharpie brow without even trying (AKA my first use). Sometimes, it’s hard to get any color to cover my brows since they are so thick, but this gel did just that without putting in almost any effort! I was definitely impressed.

Now, onto lasting power, the true test. Throughout the day, I noticed that my curly hairs were falling out of place and was left to reapply. Unfortunately, reapplying the product made my brows look much darker and stood out more. It also made it very difficult to take the product off with my micellar water before my nightly skincare routine. However, without the second coat, it is very easy to take off with micellar water.

All in all, this product had it’s ups and downs but I will continue to use it until the bottle runs out. The color is a little darker than I’m used to but it fits well with my roots, maybe even better than my current brow gel. I only wish it held longer throughout the day. If you want to try the gel out for yourself, I have the product linked below! Just so you know, I may receive a small percentage of the sale.

Until my next post, fashionistas! I hope you liked my review! Remember, this is my personal experience and you may have a completely different one than my own. My brows hardly comply with anything, so if you have less mangy brows, this maybe your next holy-grail!

What do you want me to review next? I’m always on the lookout for new beauty products! Leave a suggestion in the comments below or head to the Contact page to send me an email!

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